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EASY ad has joined the dynamic marketplace of advertisement since 2001 through the efforts of its founder Sutar Pravin V since then, it has been selling expertise and creativity as solutions to customer seeking to differentiate and distinguish their products.

We help our clients achieve their strategic goals for sales, motivation, and customer loyalty by offering the most innovative advertisements at the most competitive prices.

Easy ad team possesses excellent skills in executions of Creative concept from designing to outdoor advertising. This team is also able to meet industry challenges under any pressures from tight production schedules. Unique client demands to output issues. Hands on experience in advertising like Painting , Printing.


Spectacular billboards establish your brand as the market leader. Situated in premium locations these structures are designed to capture and captivate the viewer.

Creative Minds

We are a team of free minds. We were made to unaccept the conventional. We love being uncommon, being at The Uncommons, and our work speaks for itself.

Brand Space

We create the mindspace in the consumer, to help your brand fit in using high impact branding strategies.As an Advertising Agency.

Unafraid To Explore

We boldly go wherever your brand needs to, unrestriced by channel or media. We offer true 360 degree Advertising and Brand Consulting Services.

Our Services

Flex , Glow sign Printing (with installation)

Venyl Printing & Pasting

Wall painting

Outdoor advertising

Media Advertising (FM Radio ad, Newspaper ad)


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Our Portfolio

Glow sign Board

Glow sign Board

Wall painting

Outdoor advertising

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